Libertarian Bob Waldrop says he knows his chances of winning a State Senate seat next week are slim.

Still, he hopes and works hard. And he's done what no other candidate or elected official has even attempted: Coming up with a detailed proposal for cutting the state budget to make up for revenue lost if the sales tax were removed from food.Waldrop, an avid supporter of the food tax initiative, has pored over the budgets of 15 state departments to prove state government can slash $70.99 million in expenditures while raising $9.86 million through user fees. He claims the reduced spending combined with user fee revenue would more than offset a predicted shortfall caused by dropping tax on food.

In his introductory notes, Waldrop, who is running in the Avenues/Capitol Hill/Central City district, said the tax limitation movement has hurt its case by not suggesting where spending can be reduced. So, he decided to "read every line and every word" of a 16-inch stack of fiscal documents and come up with a "first phase" of suggested budget cuts.

"No more new cars, no more replacing cars when they get 75,000 miles," Waldrop declares, justifying his $22.47 million cut in general government and capital facilities expenditures. "My personal car has 122,000 miles and is going strong."

He also suggests state printing move to the state prison and Gov. Norm Bangerter move back to "his nice house in West Valley City" or "pay his own rent to live up town."

The only areas Waldrop left alone were higher education, corrections and transportation. Waldrop suggested less than $1 million cut from Human Services and the state office and board of education be eliminated.

In his biting and often humorous commentary on each cut, Waldrop's underlying message is that government wastes a lot of money for special interests.

"It is a sad day when the `General Welfare' becomes an excuse for a `General Looting' of the wallets of hard working taxpayers," he said.