If you happen to be in the vicinity, there are a few places you may - or may not - want to visit this Halloween.

How about Pumpkin Center, Colo.? It's in beautiful Lincoln County, and only 80 miles or so from Colorado Springs. There's not much you can do out there at night, but at least you will escape all those pesky trick or treaters who come pounding on your door.Then there's Salem, Mass., the place where they burned all those witches way back when. Halloween is big business in that town. They even have their own official witch. Laurie Cabot is her name and she can whip up a cauldron brew with the best of them.

Of course, if you can't get to the Bay State, you way want to take in Salem, Ore., or Salem, Fla., or one of the other Salems around the country. It won't be as good as visiting the original. You won't see Laurie. She stays in her hometown on her big night. But you will be able to brag that you actually visited Salem on Halloween.

How about Gnaw Bone, Ind.? It is in Brown County, not too far from Bean Blossom. There were only two people living there when the last head count was taken. They may be gone by now. Exactly what Gnaw Bone's main industry might have been is a mystery.

While in the area, you might want to visit Hemlock. It's not too far from Kokomo.

Then there is Pitchfork, Wyo. It's in the northern part of the state, a short ride from Sunshine. Of course, to get to Pitchfork, you may have to drive through such places as Wolf, Wildcat and Devil's Tower. Also Hells Half Acre. You may want to take a tranquilizer before you cross the state line into Wyoming.

Virginia has a town called Wolftown. It's not too far from Wilderness.

Wolves are everywhere. There's a Black Wolf in Kansas, a Wolf Island in Missouri, a Wolfe City in Texas, a Wolfeboro in New Hampshire, a Wolf Lake in Minnesota, a place called Wolverine in Michigan, and Wolf Pen and Wolf Summit, both in West Virginia.

Come to think of it, West Virginia sounds like a great place to visit on Halloween. You can drop by Darksville, Hunting Ground, Raven Rock, Mount Storm, Nitro, Panther and, last but not least, if you survive the others, good old Hanging Rock.

Kentucky is another interesting state. Among other spots, you can visit Spider, which is in Knot County not too far away from Lookout. Also, if you are looking for bats, you may want to try Belfry, which is also near Lookout.

Idaho has Spirit Lake. And Crow Rock in Montana is near Zero. How about that?

Castle Danger sounds like the title of one of those B movies they turned out during Hollywood's golden era. There is such a place. It is situated in Minnesota on the shore of Lake Superior. Castle Danger, it also should be noted, is only a few miles from Knife River.

Don't forget Tombstone, Ariz. Sawpit, Colo., sounds like an interesting place. Then there is Slaughter Beach in Delaware.

All things considered, with places like Pitchfork, Gnaw Bone, Devil's Tower, Darksville, Hanging Rock, Hemlock, Wolf Island, Tombstone, Sawpit and Slaughter Beach on the map, the safest place to be on Halloween may be a peaceful community in Wisconsin.

It's called Pray.