Obscenity charges against a Utah satellite TV company have been dropped by Alabama prosecutors, while another company has pleaded guilty to similar charges.

Obscenity charges against U.S. Satellite Corp. of Murray have been dropped, while the now-defunct Home Dish Only Satellite Network Inc., indicted in Alabama for beaming adult films outside its home state, pleaded guilty to obscenity charges and paid a $150,000 penalty to charity.The dropped charges follow U.S. Satellite's decision in March to stop handling American Exxxtasy Channel videos. Charges are still pending against GTE Spacenet, which owns the satellite used to broadcast the now-defunct American Exxxstasy Channel.

The three firms had been indicted for showing the adult movies in Alabama.

The charges against the New York-based Home Dish Only Satellite Network were sharply criticized Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union and the plea praised by pornography opponents who contend damage done to Alabama youngsters cannot be reversed.

Home Dish Only Satellite Network Inc. entered the plea Monday in state court to charges of distributing obscene materials.

District Attorney Jimmy Evans, who is running for state attorney general, said the plea was an admission by the company that it "invaded the territorial boundaries of a state with hard-core obscenity."

Martin McCaffery, vice president of the Civil Liberties Union of Alabama, said the indictment lacked constitutional grounds and set a dangerous precedent.