Morgan County treasurer candidate Pauline Mecham Green says politics cost her a job at McKay-Dee Hospital because her supervisor was her opponent's husband.

But her charges are being denied by her former employer and by incumbent Treasurer Gloria Anderson.Green also complained of other alleged harassment since filing for office, including an anonymous caller to an Ogden newspaper who said she had been convicted in 1987 of a drug prescription violation.

Second District Court records show Green pleaded guilty to such a charge, but she says that is irrelevant to her campaign.

The Democratic candidate said that before her Oct. 10 dismissal she had worked for 51/2 years as a secretary for Clinical Engineering, a subsidiary of Intermountain Health Care at McKay-Dee.

She said she was fired by the director of Clinical Engineering, Paul Rader, but she asserted that her immediate supervisor was Jim Anderson, the husband of the incumbent county treasurer.

Rader denied Green was supervised by Jim Anderson and said the dismissal "had to do with her performance," not politics.

"Ever since it became known that she was running for office, he (Anderson) was not supervising her," Rader said. "In fact, he never was her direct supervisor. I was."

Anderson agreed: "I have absolutely no supervisory responsibility to her, or control over her. And I was uninvolved with her firing all along."

McKay-Dee spokesman James Alvey said Wednesday the conditions of Green's termination are confidential, as they would be with any IHC employee.

"I can say, however, that her political interests or campaign had nothing to do with this termination," Alvey said.

Alvey said Clinical Engineering, which maintains medical equipment for the hospital, is a separate subsidiary of IHC.