Two Davis School Board precinct seats are up for election this year, but only one is a contested race.

Precinct 4In Precinct 4 - which includes South Weber, Hill Air Force Base, some of Clearfield and much of Layton - Louenda Downs is facing challenger Jan Moore.

Jan Moore, married with four children, said she is running because she is not satisfied with Downs' approach to the job.

"She's been afraid to have people look poorly upon her," said Moore, who has served as legislative vice president for the local PTA. "She

thinks everybody's ideas are neat and good and tries to accommodate everyone. But you just can't do that."

A professional cosmetologist, Moore, 2110 E. 2000 North, Layton, also criticized the way she said Downs and the board have wasted residents' time by asking for input and then ignoring it. Moore, who sat on a board-appointed task force to explore a year-round proposal for Adams Elementary, said the task force recommended one type of year-round schedule but the board "went with a different one."

"This is typical. They ask for public input and then make whatever decision they want, which is fine, but if you don't want (public input), don't ask for it."

She said the board also ignored numerous suggestions and recommendations from ad hoc groups appointed to study the recent high school boundary proposals in south Davis County.

Louenda Downs, who was elected board vice president, defended the board's public input-gathering process, saying it broaden's the board's view of the issues.

"We have consultants and specialists, but we like to involve the people who will be (affected) in the fruition of the process. We make better decisions, do away with apathy and better inform the people that way."

Downs, 2135 E. 3325 North, Layton, said she wants to continue that public input process. She also said she feels her work as a member of the Utah School Board Association has helped her establish effective relationships with local state legislators.

"I'd like to see that continue. It takes some time to build that relationship . . . I feel we're beginning to understand one another."

A resident of Davis County since she was a teenager, Downs is married with two children. In addition to

s School Board and Utah School Board Association duties, she serves as a member of the board of the Davis Education Foundation.

Both candidates said they favor the concept of "site-based management," which would give more decision-making power to local school administrations and patrons.

Precinct 5

Robert Thurgood, a lifelong resident of Syracuse, is running unopposed in Precinct 5, which covers Syracuse, West Point, Clinton, Sunset and most of Clearfield. Thurgood, elected in 1986, owns two Bob's Oil Exchange and Car Wash outlets in Davis County. He is married with three children.