The Provo City Council and the Redevelopment Agency have established the ground rules for creating a fourth redevelopment district in Provo.

Other redevelopment areas in Provo are Academy Square, the Central Business District and South University Avenue, which is just north of the area now being considered for a redevelopment district.The Redevelopment Agency, governed by members of the Provo City Council and Mayor Joe Jenkins, Tuesday unanimously approved five resolutions that will move the city closer to establishing the new redevelopment area.

Redevelopment Project Area 4 is a 90-acre area bound on the west and south by I-15, on the east by University Avenue and the north by approximately 1050 South. The northern border is not a street but property lines.

Redevelopment Director Ron Madsen presented the resolutions to the agency. The first resolution defined the boundaries of the area.

The resolution adopting a preliminary plan gives a brief description of the area and its proposed use for integrated development of the district in keeping with the city's master plan.

The participation rules adopted govern how the property owners can participate in the redevelopment. Relocation rules give protection to citizens in the event relocation is necessary. Madsen said the relocation rules "fit hand in glove with the state statutes" for relocation.

Redevelopment Consultant Cole Durham said there are no plans to relocate anyone now. He said the relocation rules are to provide special help to people if relocation becomes necessary or desirable.

The final resolution authorized a public hearing on the proposed Redevelopment Plan for the Provo Redevelopment Project Area 4. The hearing Dec. 18 will be a joint public hearing for the City Council and the Redevelopment Agency.