Liberian rebels led by Charles Taylor pleaded Wednesday for a cease-fire in the 10-month-old civil war but contended the five-nation peacekeeping force has compromised its neutrality by becoming a party to the revolution.

Taylor's chief spokesman and defense minister, Tom Woweiyu, said the National Patriotic Front of Liberia is prepared to stop shooting if the five-nation Economic Community of West African States, a peacekeeping force in Liberia, halts its advance against the NPFL."We will cease firing within 10 minutes if the ECOWAS force agrees to cease-fire as well," Woweiyu said Wednesday in Abidjan.

But he rejected the conditions laid down by ECOWAS that led to the failure of peace talks in the Gambian capital of Banjul last Thursday and to the cancellation of talks in Bamako, Mali.