Current members of the West Jordan City Council are divided on the question of whether to change the way they are elected, but voters will settle the matter for them Nov. 6.

Ballots will include a proposal to split the city into four council districts, with one representative to be elected from each district along with two at-large representatives.Under the present council-mayor form of government, which was established in 1981, the four council members and the mayor are elected at large.

If voters adopt the change, candidates under the new system would seek election in November 1991. The mayor would still be elected by all the voters.

Proponents argue that splitting West Jordan into four council districts would encourage more people to run for office. They say that campaigns covering smaller areas would involve less time and money.

Opponents don't like the idea of having council members selected by only a fourth of the town's voters having voting power over issues affecting areas outside their districts. And they also think it's unfair that district candidates find it easier to gain office but have the same power and compensation as at-large members.

Council members Max Hogan and David Plouzek have expressed support for the proposal, while council member Paul Henderson has voiced opposition. Council member Kathy Hilton has indicated that she is undecided. However, all of them believe the question should be submitted to voters.