Ogden City Councilman Darrell Saunders said state legislative candidate Richard Greene has gone a bit far in using his name to endorse a District 7 campaign.

Saunders, who is Ogden's assistant mayor, said he didn't give his consent to the letterhead the House candidate used in a 3,300-letter mailing.Greene, a Republican, is challenging Democrat Grant Protzman for the House seat representing parts of northern Ogden and North Ogden.

"I told him he could use my name. He carried it a little farther than that," Saunders said.

Saunders said he objects to the letterhead, which has his name and title at the top, because it could be mistaken as official Ogden City correspondence.

"I would never approve it to go out under this format," he said.

Saunders said the content of the letter, which praises Greene, doesn't disturb him.

Greene, who currently serves as Weber County clerk, said it was never his intent to make his letter appear to be from the city.

"In fact, we went to great lengths to make sure it didn't look like Ogden City stationery," he said.

Greene points to a sentence at the bottom of the letter that says "not printed at government expense."

Greene said he didn't think he was misusing Saunders' name or moving ahead with anything Saunders didn't approve of.

Protzman, who has spoken with Saunders about the letter, said he thinks the councilman was "taken advantage of a little bit."

"It think my opponent has done a number of things in this campaign I wouldn't have done. Period," Protzman said.

Greene mailed out on similar letterhead a personal endorsement from County Commission Chairman William Bailey, a Republican.

Bailey said he doesn't have any problem with how the letter was sent out. He said he looked it over before putting his signature on it.