A Centerville dentist accused of illegally providing drugs to his family has had his license to prescribe controlled substances sanctioned by state licensing authorities.

According to an order issued by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, dentist Roger J. Green provided prescription drugs to his wife and three children for non-dental conditions. Green also failed to keep records of the drugs he gave to family members, the order said.Following a hearing, the state Dental and Dental Hygienists Board found Green did not know state law prohibited his prescribing drugs to family members was illegal.

But the board ruled that Green should have known state law prohibits dentists from prescribing medicine for non-dental conditions and requires records of controlled substances be kept.

The board recommended, and the division approved, putting Green's license to prescribe controlled substances on two years probation. The order said Green's license to practice dentistry would not be disciplined.