Ernie and Babar share top billing in Davis County. Ernie, from "Sesame Street," and the cosmopolitan French cartoon elephant, Babar, top the list of the 50 most popular videos checked out from the county's library system.

"Ernie's Big Mess" and "Babar the Elephant Comes to America" were both checked out 118 times in the 1987-89 time period, according to the district's chief librarian, Pete Giacoma.From there, the list of the county's top videos becomes wildly diverse, ranging from Shakespeare productions to home improvement projects and stalking the wily trout.

The library system has nearly 900 videos on file, according to Giacoma. But the titles lean heavily to children's entertainment, PBS features, and other works that don't compete with the commercial video market.

Much of the collection, a large selection of PBS videos, was purchased with a $90,000 grant from a private foundation, Giacoma said.

The video collection is housed in the district's Layton branch but requested titles can be delivered to any of the district's three other branches in Clearfield, Farmington and Bountiful within a day.

Babar and the Sesame Street crew seem to have a tight hold on the top 10 in Davis County, not surprising in light of the large number of families with young children who live in the county and utilize the library system.

"Babar and Father Christmas" ranks third, checked out 113 times over the three-year period. Right behind in fourth place is another Sesame Street feature, "I Want to Go Home," checked out 111 times.

Three other Sesame Street videos are also in the top 10: "I'm Glad I'm Me" is fifth, "Learning About Letters" is eighth, and "Getting Ready to Read" is ninth.

"The Animal Alphabet," another children's video, is in sixth place, with 96 checkouts.

Right behind it, however, the adult influence shows up: Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" is in seventh place, with 95 checkouts.

And, rounding out the top 10 in another display of diversity is "Fly Fishing for Trout," checked out 91 times.