The higher costs facing people who sell their businesses after 1988 will be the subject of a seminar Aug. 10 at 3 p.m. in Parlor A of the University of Utah Olpin Union.

The seminar will be conducted by Richard R. Nelson and Jeff Call of Commerce Properties Inc.Nelson said business owners who are thinking of selling their businesses within the next few years should know that selling before the end of the year could avoid additional taxes of up to 34 percent of the sale price. Call said few business owners are aware of the substantial tax increases awaiting business sellers.

Nelson is managing director and Call a director of the Commerce Group, a division of Commerce Properties. He has been a guest lecturer in Brigham Young University's MBA entrepreneurial program and at the University of Utah Graduate School of Business.

Call was a management consultant for Performance Systems Improvements of Santa Ana, Calif.

The seminar is sponsored primarily by the Utah Small Business Development Center, which was established to provide high quality, low fee professional training to Utah's small business owners, and by the Commerce Group.