A consolidation move by Zions First National Bank will force closure of its branch in Fillmore Friday, Nov. 2.

The action follows closures of Zions banks in East Carbon, Ferron and Salt Lake International Airport. Branches were closed and consolidated because they were unprofitable, according to Bob Sanderson, Fillmore branch manager.The branch was opened in 1981, but an anticipated impact from the Intermountain Power Plant near Delta in the western sector of Millard County didn't reach the Fillmore area.

Mayor Keith Gillins said city officials were notified of the impending closure several weeks ago and told it wasn't financially feasible to continue the operation. The mayor, a member of the board of directors of the branch bank, said it was planned to close the bank two years ago but officials agreed to keep it open.

Services and accounts of customers of the Fillmore branch will be moved to Zions Bank in Delta.

The First Security Bank and the Millard County Credit Union will continued to provide financial services in Fillmore.