Watch out, Judge Wapner. William Rehnquist, David Souter, Sandra Day O'Connor, Anthony Kennedy and the other U.S. Supreme Court justices may soon go after your television audience.

Kennedy told the Brigham Young University Management Society of Washington last weekend justices will closely watch an experiment with cameras in some federal courts to help decide whether to allow cameras in court, including live broadcasts of oral arguments.But Kennedy stressed the court is still definitely out on the matter, with justices weighing the pros and cons of allowing television coverage.

"A reason for it is that it would be a great educational tool," Kennedy said. The court presently does not allow cameras of any kind, just artists who make quick sketches.

Kennedy said videotapes of oral arguments could help demonstrate good and bad examples to help attorneys better prepare and improve their presentations.

"It would also help the public better understand the process," he said.

"On the down side, we're worried that some attorneys might just try for 30-second sound bites, or make their presentations a series of 30-second sound bites," Kennedy said.