Strange things have been happening at WordPerfect for the past year and a half.

Posters of crashing waves, blue skies and hula dancers have appeared behind terminals at the Orem computer software company."People have come in with tans and passed out macadamia nuts," said Liz Tanner, corporate communications officer. "No one has worn in a grass skirt yet, but we're waiting."

Hawaii fever broke out at a 1986 WordPerfect Christmas party when Alan Ashton, company president, told employees if they doubled WordPerfect's $50 million in sales for the next year, each employee and a partner would be rewarded with a trip to the islands. Trips would be staggered over the following year.

"The excitement grew all year," Chris Treadwell, international division director, said. "There's a high degree of motivation in company anyway, but people started working even harder. Everyone was very curious about how we (WordPerfect) were doing. They all wanted to know if they could do anything extra to help."

The 1987 Christmas party featured telegrams with sales news, and before the year was up, sales of just over $100 million were reported. Of the 596 employees eligible for the trip, 217 took a cash bonus of $750 instead, "and 379 hit the beaches (with $1,500 credit and $350 spending money)," Tanner said. Employees were given three days off, which most extended with their own vacation time.

"My trip was wonderful," Treadwell said. "I always thought about going, but it would have been awhile before I could have done it on my own."

"We have doubled our sales every year since 1980," Tanner said. "But it is easier to double when you are a small company. It might be hard to double last year's $100 million in sales, but if it is possible, we will do it."

Tanner said she could not release information on how much profit the sales created.

She said she didn't know if WordPerfect would offer a trip as incentive again. Treadwell said the he thought this trip had greatly helped employee morale.