Five workers at Hill Air Force Base earned nearly $19,000 for innovations and suggestions that will save the Air Force more than $2 million.

Sheet metal mechanic Kenneth Hebdon in the Directorate of Maintenance earned $7,850 for his suggestion to restore bearings in throttle boxes on the F-4 Phantom.James B. Ogan, an equipment specialist in the Directorate of Materiel Management, received $7,247 for his suggestion to use aircaft wedge light assemblies already on hand to replace cockpit indicators in C-141 Starlifter trainers.Two sheet-metal inspectors in the Directorate of Maintenance, Geraldine A. Corona and William J. Stark, will share $7,379 for suggesting a way to repair cracks in outer wingfolds on F-4 aircaft. And, Don W. Law, an aircraft sheet-metal mechanic in the Directorate of Maintenance, earned $3,000 for his modification of tooling used to locate cracks in the F-16 Fighting Falcon.