The Wheeler Historic Farm, 6351 S. Ninth East, has been given an Environmental Protection Agency award for its wetlands nature habitat along Little Cottonwood Creek at the farm.

Many agencies cooperate to produce the wetlands and share credit for the award, according to Dr. A. Glen Humpherys, curator and director of the Wheeler Historic Farm.Salt Lake County Recreation and Parks sponsors the farm and Salt Lake County Flood Control and Horrocks & Carollo Engineers produced the plans and constructed a combination of public use, wildlife habitat and flood control basin on Little Cottonwood Creek.

Humpherys said county voters can be pleased that part of the money from the bond issue to build the flood control project on the creek also produced a valuable wetlands wildlife habitat that is appreciated by the more than 325,000 people who visit Wheeler Farm each year.

"In a dry climate such as Utah has, wetlands areas are strategic for both wildlife and nesting areas on the semiannual bird migrations north and south."

He said the wetlands at Wheeler Farm are used by nesting ducks, red-winged black birds and swallows. "During spring and fall migrations, small birds, especially, use Wheeler Farm as a resting place.

"Flocks of nearly 1,000 birds may be seen on fall mornings feeding and resting at Wheeler Farm preparing for the afternoon and evening migration flight to the next stopping point."