Panguitch High School teachers aren't carrying out their threat to walk out of the school, even though efforts to correct causes of the "sick building syndrome" weren't completed by mid-October as expected.

Superintendent Philip Blais said corrective measures still need finishing touches and should be finished by the end of October."We're trying to do our best in a difficult and challenging situation," said Blais. He has been supported in his efforts by the teachers.

But in a letter written before the school year started, teachers said they had a "sick-free" summer and expected to "stay well" this year. They said they would seek support of parents in moving to a safe environment if causes of the sick syndrome were not found and rectified.

Although causes of the unusual sickness have never been definitely determined, Blais believes extensive changes to the ventilating system will likely correct the problem.

The district received a $10,000 grant from the state to study the mysterious illness.

A majority of the students and some teachers have periodically suffered for two years from malaise, sore throats, nosebleeds, headaches, fatigue and inability to resist common illnesses.

Blood testing was completed by laboratories in Utah and California, but it was concluded only that the illness was caused by something in the building.

Several projects have been carried out to fix the problem.