Overnight George Bush has become a synonym for failure. Headlines from Latin America to Europe are laughing at the foibles of a politician who destroyed his mandate for the sake of getting between the sheets with his political enemies.

Bush unleashed Congress on a new spending spree when, following the advice of his budget director, Richard Darman, he announced his willingness to break his election promise against new taxes. Congress immediately added $40 billion to $50 billion in new spending, a large sum that grows in each successive year. The purpose of the budget agreement is to raise taxes to pay for the new spending.The talk about "taxing the rich" is merely a cover for the big hike in gasoline taxes on middle America and for rolling back the provision that Ronald Reagan put in the tax code that prevents the government from using inflation to push us into higher tax brackets.

To hide the real thrust of the new taxes, Congress and its allies in the liberal media are trying to blind us with envy by demagoguery against the rich. If we fall for the scam, we will deserve the higher taxes we will get.

The person responsible for unleashing the tax monster - Darman - couldn't run the government on $80 billion in additional revenues each year from economic growth. He encouraged Bush's own inclination to "get along with the Congress" by finding more money for the rascals.

Now that the budget summit has ended in disaster for Bush, Darman is arranging for Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady and Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Michael Boskin to be the fall guys. He blames Brady and Boskin for giving him bad economic numbers. If Treasury and the CEA had forecast the economy more accurately, Darman claims, the budget agreement he negotiated would have satisfied all parties and been a success.

Bush can only be damaged further by the finger-pointing in his government. Having Carterized himself, his only option is to replace his discredited government. Install Peter Grace or Bill Simon as budget director. If they can't cut spending, we will know the only solution is tumbrels to cart members of Congress to the guillotine.

Move Jack Kemp to Treasury. He wasn't born with a silver spoon and knows how the world works. Find a CEA chairman discontent to be an invisible "team player" while America's economic revival collapses.

Bush's administration has been beat by Congress. Without a new team, Bush is out of the game. If Bush cannot restore confidence in his leadership at home, no one will have confidence in his leadership in the Middle East. The question on everyone's lips is how can Bush stand up to Saddam Hussein when he is so easily defeated by discredited congressional liberals?