The annual meeting of the Town Club, 1081 E. South Temple, was held Oct. 18, with Mrs. Ezekiel R. Dumke, president, presiding. Following a luncheon, the club's board of governors for the 1990-91 year was elected.

New officers are: President, Mrs. William L. Felt; first vice president, Mrs. Ernest D. Mariani; second vice president, Mrs. Owen Kent Covey; secretary, Mrs. George L. Denton; treasurer, Mrs. Reid Shepard; assistant treasurer, Mrs. Robert A. Fowler; civic chairman, Mrs. Franklin J. Allen; decorating, Mrs. Vincent L. Rees; dining room, Mrs. Owen Kent Covey; finance, Mrs. Nancy S. Reuling; grounds, Mrs. John B. Bollow; hospitality, Mrs. Ernest D. Mariani; house, Mrs. Thomas C. Moseley; press, Mrs. D. Jay Gamble; program, Mrs. Howard A. Jorgensen; telephone, Dr. Dorothy Snow; and membership, Mrs. Philip M. Howard.