Two Salt Lake women told police they were kidnapped and raped at gunpoint last week after accepting a ride from two men.

The women, 30 and 32, were walking along State Street near 1300 South about 3 a.m. Monday, when two men in a blue Cadillac stopped and offered them a ride.As soon as the women entered the car, the men pointed handguns at the victims. The assailants then blindfolded, gagged and locked the women in the trunk, according to a Salt Lake County sheriff's report.

The assailants drove around for about 30 minutes and then took the women into a residence, where they tied them to a bed, the report said. For the next day and a half, the women were raped and beaten.

After escaping the assailants, the victims went to a house and called authorities, who transported them to St. Mark's Hospital.

One of the victims was robbed of $200 cash, the report said.