Five candidates are certified to run in a special election to fill the last few weeks of Ohio Republican Donald Lukens' term in the U.S. House.

The Butler County Board of Elections on Sunday certified the petitions of four Republicans and one Democrat who filed for the special primary vote on Nov. 6. A special general election for the remainder of Lukens' term is scheduled for Nov. 21.Lukens resigned last week to avoid an investigation of a new allegation of sexual misconduct. He was convicted last year of contributing to the unruliness of a minor who said she had sex with him.

Lukens lost his re-election bid last May, so he would have been leaving Congress in January even if he had not resigned. Gov. Richard Celeste ordered a special election last week to fill the rest of this term.

The candidates running for the unexpired term include Republican John Boehner and Democrat Greg Jolivette, who also are running for the term that begins in January.

Celeste's order for a special election was required under state law, even though Congress is not expected to meet in November or December. Officials in Washington have said that Lukens' interim successor will be paid but likely will not be sworn into office.