To the editor:

When I accepted the assignment to be a member of the Abortion Task Force, I knew I would be open to attack from pro-abortionists. It took J.D. Williams to make an issue of it in your Oct. 11 Readers Forum.It appears J.D. doesn't want to express his pro-abortion stance and so falls back on the farce of protecting the Constitution in order to make me look bad. The Constitution is not in jeopardy here; we are following the constitutional process as we conduct the business of this task force. Evidently J.D. doesn't understand this process.

Laws are passed or lawsuits filed that sometimes reach the Supreme Court for a decision on their constitutionality. The Supreme Court doesn't just decide to make a change or uphold a new concept without something to rule on. If we pass a bill that doesn't change what we already have, what good is it?

I don't know if J.D. knows that abortion was illegal in our country and considered unconstitutional until the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision was made in 1973.

In order to try and test the constitutionality of a new approach, we must go the same route and give them something to rule on again. Lately, they have been modifying their previous ruling and we can provide an opportunity for them to consider this issue further.

I, too, hope the voters in District 15 in Davis County know how I stand on this on Nov. 6.

Rep. Don E. Bush