"They say old nurses just can't stop feeling needed," laughed Geraldine Thom.

It's a good thing she feels that way. Two years ago, when retirement left Thom with time to spare, she busied herself putting her talents to use.First, she signed up as a hospital volunteer at the Brigham City Hospital. "I like being with the patients again," she said.

She now volunteers five hours a week in the radiology department, doing administrative work, maintaining records and transporting patients to dressing room and X-ray.

She also donates time to the public library and the community food pantry and goes to malls and shopping centers to take senior citizens' blood pressure as part of a Red Cross education program.

Thom was recently selected as outstanding volunteer by Mennen in its "Lady Speed Stick Salutes Women Volunteers of America" program.

A volunteer is honored from each state. The 51 volunteers were featured in USA Today Oct. 2. And each receives a plaque and a $1,000 grant to the volunteer's affiliated non-profit organization.