President Bush, working to maintain public support for the military buildup in the Middle East, is assuring Americans that the United States is "standing up for civilized values" in the region.

The president, whose own popularity has plummeted in recent weeks, also is working to boost Republican political candidates. Monday he campaigned for Sen. Pete Wilson, whose neck-and-neck gubernatorial bid against Democrat Dianne Feinstein is the Republican Party's top state priority in next week's elections.The president arrived in San Francisco after a weekend in Honolulu where he also did some politicking, met with Pacific Island leaders and spoke to large crowd of military personnel and families at Hickam Air Force Base.

Referring to Iraq's Aug. 2 invasion of Kuwait, Bush said, "Today in the Persian Gulf, what we are looking at is good and evil, right and wrong. The invasion of Kuwait will not stand."

Bush promised, "No American will be kept in the Gulf a single day longer than necessary. But we will not walk away until our mission is done."