Utah Issues awards were presented Friday evening to a Salt Lake area woman, an official with the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) supplemental food program, a handicapped man and the former mayor of Myton, Duchesne County.

Lillie Flemmings was presented the "Give-a-Damn" award for "unselfish giving for many years to low-income people."Ted Fairchild, WIC state program director, was honored as "Bureaucrat of the Year" for his "efforts toward a Utah and a world where no child's life is diminished by hunger."

Rick James, a handicapped Salt Lake man, and Ludy Cooper, former mayor of Myton, were both presented "Hell Raiser of the Year" awards.

Kathy Magers, assistant Issues director for administration, said James was cited for his "tenacity and sacrifice in behalf of people with disabilities." James frequently attends social service meetings on transportation and other issues affecting low-income and handicapped people.

Cooper was lauded for her "persistent efforts to house and assist low-income Utahns." Magers said Cooper virtually created a housing authority for the Myton area.