The Army's Pershing Missile Deputy Program Manager, Lt. Col. Bill Taylor, met in Salt Lake City earlier this week with Utah State officials to press for permission to destroy missiles at Tooele Army Depot as part of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty.

The Army test fired a Pershing missile at Tooele last winter only to be turned down by Utah authorities when it sought to use TAD as a disposal site. The Army is reportedly still interested in using the Utah base for missile destruction.

Taylor, an Army spokesman, said he met with state officials Wednesday to see what state and local permits would be necessary to use TAD. The Army and the state officials are to meet again next week.

Preparations to use TAD as a destruction site could involve another missile destruction burn, the Army says.

At least one more destruction site is needed to destroy Pershing rocket motors under the treaty's current timetable. Facilities in Longhorn, Texas and Pueblo, Colo, are now serving as destruction sites.