A group of cabdrivers' wives, fed up with their spouses' gambling, led police to an eatery where 20 men were arrested on gambling charges.

One wife didn't stop with calling police, said Officer Roger O'Brien. She also wrote letters to the district commander complaining about her husband's gambling losses.In addition, the commander received complaints from North Side residents because many cabs frequently were parked near the M & M Restaurant.

"In excess of 50 cabs were parked in the immediate area - in front of the restaurant and in a parking lot," O'Brien said Thursday. "It was unbelievable."

Several wives called police, some anonymously, to complain that money needed to pay family bills was being lost by their spouses at the restaurant, O'Brien said.

O'Brien and two other officers raided the restaurant Wednesday night after observing gambling through a window during a weeklong investigation.

Much of the action, O'Brien said, involved side bets on two pool games; other cabdrivers gambled on electronic games.

The restaurant owner was charged with operating a gambling house.