To the editor:

This letter may be too late to have any bearing on the current budget hearings; however, it may have some validity in the future. I know from past experience money problems don't just go away. They must be solved.These ideas, while not solely my original suggestions, seem to be good ones, and ones I have not seen in writing.

My suggestions are as follows:

1. Roll back the salaries to where they were before the huge raise given within the past year to all presidential, judicial and congressional personnel. Then implement the following procedure. Whenever you decrease the deficit, give yourselves a raise of the corresponding percent. If the deficit increases, reduce your salaries by a like percent. This is to be done without increasing taxes but by more judicial spending.

2. Look at the past three to five years, average the amount spent on postage, travel and other expenses paid for by the taxpayer. Now cut this figure by half for members of Congress. That is, budget for these things for the next year. In future years, use this figure, plus cost of living increases as given to Social Security recipients.

3. On income taxes: Why not make it a straight percent for all citizens, regardless of income? Do away with all deductions. This way, the rich, the poor and the in-between all pay an equal share.

Now, one other suggestion I feel would be of great help. Change foreign aid to domestic aid until the deficit is resolved. We are busy being parents to the entire world while allowing our own children to starve and suffer. In times of natural disasters, tornado, earthquake, etc., we should step in and help. But why, I ask, put our country into bankruptcy while trying to solve the world's monetary problems?

Paul K. Fox, mayor

Cedar Hills