A south Georgia woman was free on bond Friday after she was charged with padlocking her five children in a cockroach-infested house with no food or running water to keep them from wandering away while she shopped.

Glynn County police arrested Liza May Kirksey, 40, of Brunswick Wednesday on cruelty to children charges. She remained free Friday on $63,156 bond.Police said three of the children, a 17-year-old daughter and 5-year-old twin daughters, were placed in temporary custody of the state Department of Family and Children Services.

Police did not have any information on the children's father.

One child told police her mother locked the house to keep the younger children from leaving while she went shopping and the older children slept.

A report by two officers who went to the house said conditions were "inhumane and very unhealthy."

The report said the house was infested with roaches and had no water, electricity or food. Police also found a toilet and a sink filled with human waste.

Police said padlocks and combination locks were used to secure the house's three entrances, making it impossible for anyone inside to leave. One child gave the officers the combination to one of the locks, allowing police to enter.

Social workers contacted police because the minor children didn't attend school Wednesday.

Social worker Penny Szwast called the incident "unbelievable" but it isn't unusual for children to grow up in homes without electricity or food.