Georgetown guard Mark Tillmon was cut from the Utah Jazz roster Friday morning bringing the final list to 12 players, including former BYU guard Andy Toolson.

Toolson and Southern Cal forward Chris Munk were the two players remaining from the rookie/free-agent roster. The Jazz play exhibition games Sunday and Monday and Coach Jerry Sloan said earlier this week he wanted his roster narrowed to 12 before departing on the road swing Saturday.Toolson and Munk will join rookie draft selection Walter Palmer and veterans Delaney Rudd, Darryl Griffith, Mike Brown, Blue Edwards, Mark Eaton, Thurl Bailey, Karl Malone, Jeff Malone and John Stockton on the opening-day roster.

Second-year guard Eric Johnson and rookie center Alan Bannister will begin the year on injured reserve.

Tillmon was informed of the cut Friday morning before practice.