Buster Douglas was hit hard by Evander Holyfield - and by the media in his home state of Ohio.

One day after losing his heavyweight title to Holyfield on a third-round knockout, Douglas was blasted by Ohio sportswriters for being overweight and out of shape for the scheduled 12-round bout."Buster ate his way out of history books," read a headline for a column Friday by Dick Fenlon in The Columbus Dispatch, Douglas' hometown newspaper.

Fenlon wrote that on Thursday night "Columbus' favorite chubby became a footnote to history," a reference to Douglas losing the heavyweight title in his first defense.

Douglas' weight was the big issue. He surprised even himself when he weighed in at 246 pounds.

"With one crushing right hand, 70 seconds into the third round, Evander Holyfield sent Douglas crashing to the canvas," Fenlon wrote. "The ring rumbled, the earth shook, the seismograph registered 3.6 on the Knockout Scale and weight watchers everywhere rejoiced. Self-control was back in style."

Fenlon pointed out that critics before the fight also questioned Douglas' desire to win.

"Douglas' demise proved that man does not live on bread - and cheesecake, pizza, Big Macs and doubled malteds - alone," the Daily Dayton News said.

"Except for the tassels on his shoes, Douglas might have passed for a paunchy punching bag," Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Tim Sullivan wrote. He said Holyfield's "clearly defined muscles were in stark contrast to the baggy, bloated Buster."