Police and narcotics officers are continuing to watch a Salt Lake City apartment they say is frequented by drug addicts and prostitutes.

"It's apparent from what we found that it's a very active hit house," said Salt Lake Police Lt. Marty Vuyk, commander of the Metro Narcotics Strike Force. The "hit house" has been a popular location for buying and using drugs, particularly heroine, he said."Not only do they sell drugs at the house, but they provide them with a place that they can use the drugs," he said. "Kind of a place to relax."

Undercover drug agents have been making periodic buys at the two-bedroom apartment. A search warrant was obtained and served Wednesday night at 227 E. Kensington Ave.

"We found 15 people inside," Vuyk said. "There were people who were actually shooting up when we arrived."

Five Salt Lake residents were arrested during the raid and many of the five already had charges pending against them, Vuyk said. No formal charges have yet been filed.

"The neighbors were elated that night," Vuyk said. Activity at the house has been "very small" since the bust.

Officers found small amounts of heroine, cocaine and drug paraphernalia during the raid. Vuyk said he was not expecting a big drug bust, but hoped to send a message and hopefully slow drug traffic in the area somewhat.

"It most certainly doesn't stop it, but the raid has a good effect on reducing the heroine activity," he said.

Many prostitutes are heroine addicts and frequent such "hit houses," Vuyk said.