It was the dog days of summer and Rusty, a little pooch dressed like a strawberry, didn't like being in the children's dog show Thursday afternoon at the Davis County Fair.

After all, there where all of those other dogs pawing, prancing and heeling behind their young owners. There was the white husky named Abbey in the shades looking cool, the ingenue cocker spaniel Buffy dressed in blue ruffles and golden curls and the Brittany, Lady Bird, who sat as cool as a cucumber.The owners put the collection of puppies, hounds and mutts through their paces. Walk, sit, heel, lie down . . . lie down! Then it came time for the tricks. Roll over, jump for the cheese and shake hands, the masters directed.

But for Rusty the whole affair was an inconvenience. He yapped at the other dogs and at one point broke the grip of the frustrated little girl who held him at bay. She shrieked as Rusty attacked Buffy and sent the crowd scampering. Even the lazy basset hound in a dress got up for a moment.

"That dog's going to be hoarse before it gets home," said one onlooker about the incorrigible dog.

For the judges it was difficult to choose among dogs named Bandit, Taffy, Rowdy, Bobby, Sheeba and Abra. After three-quarters of an hour of deliberations they decided. Little Seth Alexander's puppy Abra would be the winner.

Seth had about as much to say as his puppy. "How do you feel about winning?" a reporter probed. "OK." "Are you having fun at the fair?" "Yes."

The dog with the shades got the obedience award, and Rusty and the little girl quickly shed their strawberry costumes.