The Fredrickson family used to go camping and boating together. They enjoyed sports and playing billiards and having a good time together.

They don't do those things anymore, not since their son and brother Lonny was gunned down in a tavern parking lot by a man he never knew."Whenever we get together now, there's a piece missing," said Juanita Fredrickson, Lonny's mother. "We are told that in time our pain will lessen. But with us it's not so. Our lives have changed; our hearts are filled with bitterness."

Friday, the Board of Pardons ordered Lonny Fredrickson's killer to serve 18 more years before he will have another hearing to determine a parole date. Hank Cobb, 29, will next appear before the board in May 2005.

Cobb was convicted of second-degree murder in connection with the parking lot shooting. He shot Fred-rickson once in the heart, and then as he lay dying, he fired a second shot into the man's groin.

According to testimony before the Board of Pardons, Cobb had been stalking his estranged girlfriend. When he found her playing billiards with Fredrickson, he began flattening the tires of Fredrickson's car. When Fredrickson confronted him, Cobb, who was high on a combination of alcohol and amphetamines, pulled a pistol from his waist and began firing.

Cobb told the board he had taken the gun with him intending to kill himself in front of his ex-girlfriend.

Psychological testimony presented at the hearing, however, said Cobb despises all women and that if he believes a woman is rejecting him he reacts violently.

"You have a pattern of getting even with women who have rejected you," said board member Victoria Palacios.

In ordering Cobb to serve at least 18 more years, the board cited Cobb's history of violence and crime. As a child, he was in and out of reform schools. He was eventually forced to enlist in the Navy as an alternative to going to prison. He spent time in the brig before being released.

Since that time, Cobb has had a serious problem with drugs and alcohol, and when intoxicated he becomes violent. On one occasion, he attacked his girlfriend, blackened both of her eyes and broke her nose.

The board could still order Cobb to serve a life term.

"He does not need to be set free again," said Juanita Fredrickson. "If he is ever let out, I would fear for the lives of my other sons."