Chrysler Corp. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. say they are gearing up to produce the next generation of cars, which will include two- and three-door sporty cars and a four-door sedan.

The new models will be produced by Diamond-Star Motors Corp., the companies' 50-50 venture company in Normal, Ill.Diamond-Star, incorporated in 1985, produces the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Mirage, Plymouth Laser and Eagle Talon and Summit models.

The U.S. and Japanese companies said they may increase the American content of Diamond-Star's new vehicles by using Chrysler-built engines and transmissions in some models.

The vehicles will be distributed in equal numbers for sale by Chrysler and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America.

Discussions are continuing on other new vehicles, including timing of the production launch and the volume of each model, the carmakers said.