Nov. 16 is the deadline for companies wanting to raise venture capital to submit applications with the possibility of making a presentation at the Utah Venture Capital Conference. The conference, sponsored by the Wayne Brown Institute, will be Feb. 7, 1991.

Brad Bertoch, institute executive director, said companies in various stages of development will be considered for presentation and a selection panel will choose among the most promising ideas whether they are early-stage start-ups with strong management teams or established businesses looking to expand.For businesses to be selected, they should be high-growth companies with a reasonable expectation of doing at least $20 million in sales annually after 5-7 years, Bertoch said.

Summaries should be submitted to the institute by Nov. 16 at 295 Chipeta Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108. More information can be obtained by calling 584-7610.

Bertoch said he is often asked if companies making presentations during the previous five conferences receive financial help. He said Utah firms have received $40 million in capital and noted that last year's conference was attended by 50 venture investors who represented several billion dollars under management.

Eight panelists who will make the selections during the 1991 conference represent more than one-half a billion dollars of venture capital under management.

They are Alan Dishlip, general partner of Shaw Venture Partners, Portland, Ore.; Michael T. Gallagher, Norwest Venture Capital, Minneapolis; John M. Holliman III, managing director of Valley National Investors; and Mark Kimmel, general partner of the Columbine Venture Funds, Englewood, Colo.

Others are Oren B. Phillips, vice president of business development, Thiokol Corp., Ogden; Peter A. Roshko, general partner, Mohr, Davidow Ventures, Menlo Park, Calif.; Stephen Schovee, Centennial Funds, Denver; and Allan M. Wolfe, general partner of Utah Ventures, Laguna Niquel, Calif.