Major community and election issues preoccupy candidates for two commission seats in Tooele County.

Health, transportation, jail improvement and environmental issues lead a long list for dialogue between election contestants. Whoever wins the county posts on Nov. 6 will find plenty of work, judging by the scope of developments often stretching into regional and state involvement.Tooele County is employing electronic punchcard ballots for the first time in its general election next month.

Vying for election to County Commission Seat A are incumbent Kelly H. Gubler, a Democrat, and Republican challenger Teryl Hunsaker.

Seeking commission Seat B are Republican incumbent Leland J. Hogan and Democrat Karl G. Swan, a state senator winding down his legislative career.

Gubler and Hogan have four years of commission experience. Gubler is chairman of the three-man commission and a retired physician and public health-care leader. Hogan, an agriculturalist, is involved in looking after the rural county's agricultural, roads and consumer chores.

Hunsaker guided Grantsville for two terms as mayor and is a longtime vocational agriculture mechanics instructor.

Swan served several terms in the state Senate and is a high school teacher hoping to retire early from both chores to spend full time on the County Commission if elected.

All four are finding keen voter interest in Tooele County's hospital and medical-care establishments that have hospital-health district subsidies. Physician staffing for local medical facilities keeps the community scrambling, say many residents.

The county also is greatly expanding its jail eastward from the present public safety complex at the rear of the courthouse in Tooele. The project was forced by the threat of legal action to meet standards outlined by the federal government.

The worldwide energy crisis is prompting candidates to support efforts under way to restore mass transit in Tooele County, spokesmen said.

Besides election races on the county's punch-card ballots, annexation into the Utah Transit District and adding quarter-cent sales tax is an extra proposal for voters in Tooele, Grantsville, Erda, Stansbury Park, Lake Point and Lincoln - comprising Tooele Valley.

A Dan Jones Associates transit poll recently showed 75 percent of residents most likely to vote in the Nov. 6 election would vote to annex into UTA to bring eight daily bus trips into the valley. Only 13 percent opposed the measure, and 12 percent hadn't made up their minds.