Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin will soon be able to watch CNN and MTV thanks to a gift from a U.S.-Soviet friendship organization.

The 22nd Century Foundation said Wednesday it had dispatched a team of installers and a load of equipment donated by U.S. electronics firms to install the dishes at the homes of the two political archrivals. Additional dishes will be put in at the Moscow City Council building, the ministry of foreign affairs and Moscow State University.The foundation said the donation was arranged to increase ties between the Soviet Union and the United States - and, possibly, between Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

"What we're seeing is the rapid conversion of a totalitarian society, which only allowed one voice to a pluralistic society where many voices and opinions are tolerated, even encouraged," said foundation Chairman Anthony T. Easton before he flew to Moscow.

"In other words, confrontation is a necessary part of the return to normal democratic society."

Spokeswoman Laulette Malchik said none of the programs would be in Russian but that should not be a problem.

"At least they can look at Madonna," she quipped.