My 13-year-old daughter saved up baby sitting money to order a pregnant panda with twins from Carter & Van Peel in Hicksville, N.Y.

I did not know she had not included shipping and handling until we received a letter from the company telling us to send it. We did.I didn't realize the pregnant panda with twins had not come until about June.

Then we had a hard time finding the company's address. We sent the company a letter the first part of August and told it we hadn't received the panda. We sent copies of the checks with the letter.

We received a refund for the shipping and handling fee in September. But still no pregnant panda. My daughter would still like the panda but we'll settle for the rest of the money.

We have ordered from Carter & Van Peel many times and never had problems before. - C.B., Orem.

The company says its records show that your daughter's pregnant panda was shipped in March and a refund issued in September.

It says it is processing a reshipment for you.

We don't know whether that means your daughter will be getting a refund or the pregnant panda. You'll just have to wait and see.