Garfield County residents will be asked to approve a $1.5 million general obligation school bond when they trek to the voting booths for the general election Nov. 6. The money would build a new gymnasium and auditorium at the Bryce Valley High School in Tropic.

If voters approve the bond, it would cost the owner of a $45,000 home an additional $23 per year. The bond would be amortized over 25 years.The new gymnasium would have a seating capacity of 750, almost double that of the present gymnasium. The school doesn't have an auditorium, so folding chairs are used for assemblies and other programs. School officials say it has been difficult to accommodate every class that needs the gymnasium.

The gym is also shared by elementary-school children, so parents and teachers are concerned about the mingling of high school and elementary-age students.

Music, drama and speech programs have been hampered by the lack of facilities. A stage in the gymnasium is used for such activities, but there is interference when the gym is being used for physical education classes. It also doubles as a lunch room for secondary and elementary students.

These problems would be alleviated by the construction proprosal.

School Board President Rodney Syrett said there won't be special registration of voters for the bond election. The last official voting register will be used to determine eligibility. Those who didn't vote may register with a registration agent in the community or at the county clerk's office. The clerk's office may be contacted to obtain the name of an agent in any community.

Syrett said the board will meet Nov. 12 to canvass the balloting and officially declare the results of the election.

Communities and locations of polling places are Antimony, Antimony Merc; Boulder, school building; Cannoville, Community Center; Henrieville, Senior Citizen Center; Hatch, town hall; Tropic, Scout house; Ticaboo, Community Building; Panguitch, both districts, Garfield County Courthouse.