A Utah man convicted in the abduction and sexual abuse of a retarded girl who eventually was abandoned in Los Angeles was sentenced this week to 30 years in prison.

Utah federal Judge Thomas Greene admitted the sentence will keep Joey Toledo, 42, South Salt Lake, behind bars "virtually for the rest of your life." But Greene said Toledo's criminal record "makes a man dangerous to society."Toledo was convicted of kidnapping the girl, 13, from her mother's residence in April of 1989 and taking her to Southern California. The victim was raped and sodomized. She escaped from her abductor when she was sent to a skid row shelter in Los Angeles to obtain clothing, prosecutors said.

Since her return to Utah, the girl has remained in the State Hospital.

"All of her problems may not be attributable to Joey Toledo," Greene said, "but the unspeakable things that did happen pushed her over the edge. You took advantage of a 13-year-old retarded girl and left her down in California."

Defense attorney Ed Brass urged Greene to place Toledo in a medical treatment facility rather than prison, claiming the defendant has a long criminal history because he is "borderline retarded" and a paranoid-schizophrenic.

The court system, Brass said, "has concluded Mr. Toledo is something less than human, is an animal who deserves to be locked up; in a cage almost." In a medical facility, he said, Toledo "could be treated like a human."

But federal prosecutor Anne Stirba said Toledo should serve his sentence in a prison "to protect everyone around him, as well as himself. There is a high, high need to protect the public. He has become more violent as his life has gone on."