Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, is upset that the physics law of "what goes up must come down" does not apply to gasoline prices.

"The mere threat of higher oil prices was enough to send the price of gasoline through the roof last August. But although the price of crude oil is $12 less than it was a week ago, gasoline prices continue to inch upward. Why?"Hansen, who historically has been a supporter of the oil industry, issued a press release this week criticizing it, as he also did immediatly after prices began to rise after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. His stance may show oil companies that even their friends are upset at them.

Hansen said, "I hope the current Justice Department investigation into oil company profiteering can supply me with an answer (about why prices continue to rise)."

Hansen added, "Given the glut of oil on the world market, I don't really understand the increases of the past few months. There once was a time when the market prices were based on the premise of supply and demand. Now it appears the determining factors are rumor and innuendo."

Hansen has joined other Republicans in proposing legislation designed to decrease American dependence on foreign oil.

"We cannot continue to rely so heavily on a foreign commodity whose price fluctuates every time a madman has a dream," Hansen said in reference to news reports that prices dropped because Saddam Hussein had a dream that the prophet Muhammed visited him.