The Puple Heart was created by George Washington in 1782. The medal lapsed into disuse for 150 years. It was reinstated to honor Washington's 200th birthday and is given today to anyone wounded in action.

-The Crystal Beach Cyclone in Buffalo, N.Y., was one of the most terrifying roller coasters in the country. The first drop featured a nasty turn that caused riders to lose hats, coats, false teeth and wigs. Patrons slammed into one another sometime breaking ribs and a nurse was kept on duty at all times. The roller coaster was replaced in 1946.-In the five weeks prior to the invasion of Normandy, London's Daily Telegraph published five crossword puzzles containing top-secret D-Day code words: "Utah," Omaha, "Mulberry" and Neptune. It was just an amazing coincidence. Ther Germans to the end remained puzzled about the time and location of the Allied invasion. - UPI.