What's the big deal over B. Stanley Pons? The Utah attorney general's office wants to know.

University of Utah officials say they don't know where Pons is. Pons, the U.'s cold fusion expert and tenured chemistry professor, won't be in town for Thursday's meeting for the Fusion Energy Advisory Council. The council is preparing for a Nov. 1 meeting with legislators to account for a $5 million state investment in fusion.But Joe Tesch, chief deputy attorney general, said he's in contact with Pons on a regular basis through his North Carolina lawyer. The attorney general's office oversees the state's portion of the fusion patent claims.

"At this point in time he (Pons) is in Europe," Tesch said. "I don't know exactly what he is doing there, but whatever he is doing I am informed by him that he has no intention of leaving the University of Utah or the state of Utah as his home base and residence."