The Provo City Council formally adopted a revised major street plan at the City Council Meeting Tuesday.

The street plan, which is the first major revision since the creation of the major street plan in 1977, was approved by the Provo Planning Commission Oct. 10.The street plan was updated to provide a better traffic system based on the development of various parts of the city, such as East Bay, not foreseen in the original street plan.

Improved traffic flow also reduces air pollution by reducing the idle time on vehicles in the city.

Al Michelsen, traffic engineer for the Department of Community Development, said in his proposal to the council, "The placement of existing streets on the major street plan will not change the current design of the streets. The main purpose is to give proper classification to those existing streets that have functioned as arterials and collectors in the transportation system."

Streets classified as arterials provide through traffic across the city. Such streets are given high priority for traffic flow and maintenance.

Collector streets are residential streets that serve to move traffic from local roads to the arterials.