An Orem-based group has produced a video designed to help teenagers overcome problems with Satanism.

Randy Hall, director of the Movement Against Negative Cult Organizations, said Satanism is more prevalent in Utah County than many people think.Roger Wilson, who helped Hall produce the video, said, "I think there is a need for the product in Utah County. Every time we talked with kids about Satanism they would say, `I know someone who does that.' "

Hall said he is not a psychologist or doctor. "I'm just one person with a cause," he said.

The video is called "A Legion of Gray." Hall said legion refers to the number of youth who are caught in Satanism and gray refers to the fact that the decisions they have to make are not always black and white.

"If we can help just two or three out of a hundred kids, at least we have done something good," he said.

Hall said the video is to promote public awareness and education on the subject, which has remained relatively obscure to most people.

The video is a compilation of interviews with ex-cult members, victims and survivors of cult activities, concerned family members and local business people.

The video may not be the most professional and the people aren't actors, Hall said. But they recount real experiences that may help others avoid the traps of Satanism.

One grandmother in the video said, "I believe you can help. I believe you'd better help."

Another woman in the video who took the name of Alice Brown said she wanted to tell her story so that survivors of ritual abuse would know that there is a way out of their past.

Hall said some of the material in the video may not be appropriate for younger people, but it would be an educational experience for anyone interested.

Wilson said, "We started working on the video in December of 1988 and it wasn't until just recently that we thought it was more and more necessary so we finished it."

The group is targeting school districts, law-enforcement agencies and youth organizations, but will also make the video available in local video stores.

Hall said the "timely" release of the video at Halloween wasn't planned that way. He said he just wants people to know of the problems associated with Satanism and doesn't want to sensationalize it.

Wilson said he started going to the group's meetings out of curiosity and then became involved when he began to believe that the youths were telling true stories.

"It was a little scary," he said.

Anyone who is interested in the video or other information may contact Hall at The MANCO Group, P.O. Box 134, Orem, UT 84059.