Gov. Norman Bangerter has voiced his support for 3rd Congressional District candidate Karl Snow and Utah County GOP candidates.

Bangerter added his name Monday evening to the list of GOP officials - which includes President Bush - who are backing Snow.Monteen Gordon, chairwoman of the Utah County Republican party, conducted the meeting, which was organized to bring together GOP candidates in a show of strength as they began the final two weeks of campaigning.

"It's good to be in Utah County," Bangerter said Monday. "You should not be known as the most Republican county, but the most intelligent county. You're doing the right things for the right reason."

But Bangerter also cautioned, "Even though you are the most Republican county . . . (in this election) you can't take anything for granted."

Snow encouraged party leadership to campaign hard to get the voters to the polls Nov. 6.

Gordon said she would attempt to define and clarify Republican principles and values by using the county, state and national Republican platforms as tools.

"The vast majority of Utah County Republican candidates and elected officials are true Republicans," Gordon said.

However, she plans to suggest an independent, monitoring committee or group that will watch all elected officials throughout the state and use the Utah County Republican Ethics Committee for Utah County Republican candidates and elected officials.

"Just as candidates and elected officials need to be accountable, people need to become responsible to determine what they believe in, what type of government they want, and who will govern them," Gordon said.

Gordon suggested that citizens can show responsibility by finding and supporting sound candidates or elected officials. They should also go to the polls to vote for the candidate, and then stay in touch with them after they 901024 GOVTALK2 EMMIE ;10/24,15:48 utahcountyheadline

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