On June 26, 1989, I ordered a pair of shoes from Hill Brothers in Lynchburg, Va. I paid the company with a check for $54.12.

I have sent many requests to the company for a refund for my money. So far I have not received it.I know the company is still in business because it continues to send me catalogs, which I have been putting in the waste basket.

I didn't trust the company any more. Please help me get my refund if you can. - M.B., Midvale.

The company has sent you a refund. We were unable to reach it by telephone but we know that the company has been looking for a new source of financing.

We don't know whether or not it has found it. We assume things are looking up because the company's response to prior complaints had been to wait until the financing came through.

Your complaint is the first one to which it responded with a refund.