The NCAA is hoping to turn what some have feared would be the most corrupting windfall in the history of televised sports into a vehicle to return collegiate sports to traditional values.

Blessed with $1 billion from CBS for seven years' rights to the basketball tourney, the NCAA announced a plan Monday that would use the money to reward schools that expand minor sports programs and offer more scholarships to athletes.Rather than receiving a huge payoff for making it into the basketball tournament, schools would get more for expanding their athletic programs beyond the 12 sports now required for membership in Division I.

"The formula encourages a broad-based program," NCAA executive director Dick Schultz said in announcing a plan that was the result of nine months of work by a special committee and had the input of at least 350 NCAA members.

"It's probably as close as we'll get to playing (only) for the trophy, at least for the next several years," Schultz said.